Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is reopening

11 June 2020

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is pleased to announce our reopening post temporary closure due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

From Monday 8 June, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is pleased to welcome back our studio artists. Each artist has their own individual studio and we can ensure safe social distancing for all. We are glad that the artists are back in the spaces where they make, think, research and create art. We are glad that artistic creativity and the essential processes behind putting art into the world can once again resume.

From Thursday 2 July, we will re-open our gallery and welcome back visitors to Mairead O’hEocha’s Tale Ends & Eternal Wakes. We are pleased that people will be able to re-engage with O’hEocha’s long anticipated exhibition that had to close shortly after its opening in late February. The exhibition focuses on O’hEocha's research into the display of taxidermy animals at Dublin’s Natural History Museum (the Dead Zoo).

It will once again be possible to have real and physical encounters with art in our gallery.