Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is pleased to collaborate with FRAC Bretagne for this year’s Art Norac Award.

Along with a panel of French curators and visual art professionals, TBG+S have shortlisted four artists from the Bretagne region to exhibit at FRAC Bretagne in October 2022. The shortlisting process followed a public open call to Bretagne-based artists.

The shortlisted artists are: Reda Boussella, Clémence Estève, Fanny Gicquel, Valérian Goalec. One of these artists will be selected by the TBG+S Curatorial Team to hold a solo exhibition at TBG+S in 2023.

The FRAC Bretagne – Art Norac Award aims to support the professional development of Bretagne-based artists at an international level, by partnering with an international organisation to realise a solo exhibition for the awarded artist outside France.

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FRAC Bretagne website - https://bit.ly/3t4CdmU