Five artists awarded Project Studios at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

09 January 2019

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is delighted to announce five artists who have been awarded studio spaces at TBG+S. Project Studios have been awarded to Jenny Brady, Chloe Brenan, Paul Hallahan, Celina Muldoon, Martina O’Brien.

Jenny Brady’s film works explore ideas around translation, communication and the limitations of language. By using narratives that slow our experience of looking at and listening to the moving image, she reveals potential mutualities between disparate subjects. Brady’s abstract video portraits, in which animals often appear as troubling figures of mistranslation, replicate the flawed processes of our discourse, heightened by her use of experimental music and unexpected rhythms, interruptions and commentary. Jenny Brady is co-founder and co-curator of the PLASTIK Festival of Artists’ Moving Image. Recent exhibitions and screenings include 62nd Short Film Festival, Oberhausen; BFI London Film Festival; RHA Gallery, Dublin. She was a recipient of the IMMA 100 Residency Award 2018.

Chloe Brenan’s practice is concerned with the methods by which order, structure and meaning are extracted and constructed out of an infinitely vague and nebulous reality. Her work steps between the languages of film, print, text, installation, and photography. Each process highlights the limitations of communication, how it is rarely direct, but instead gathers interference as it travels; bending, refracting, dilating information to ascribe objective meaning to subjective experience. Brenan has recently undertaken a residency at LUX Scotland (2018) and her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions including The Model, Sligo; the Library Project, Dublin; and in print at Independent Art Book Fair, New York; and Offprint, London (all 2018).

Paul Hallahan’s work incorporates painting, installation and video. He revisits fundamental and historical artistic formal elements, such as pattern and repetition, questioning their relevance and function in the present. Hallahan’s interest in the primal and intuitive ways of engaging with art is explored through the perception and interaction with nature and environments on individual and societal scales, and he considers the values we place on artificial networks and systems over the natural world. Recent solo exhibitions include RHA Gallery, Dublin; The LAB, Dublin (both 2018); Gallery 8, Dublin (2017). He won the Golden Fleece Award in 2018 and has an upcoming exhibition at Municipal Gallery DLR Lexicon in February 2019.

Celina Muldoon’s site and context-responsive live performances incorporate costumes, props and sound. Regularly collaborating with groups of performers, audience participation and interaction are key components of each work. Muldoon investigates the relationships between socio-political structures and the body using the themes of identity and memory, including the representation of bodies for political agency. She realises these, at times, uneasy topics with satire and humour, often using science-fiction or mythological narratives. Muldoon was a recipient of the Arts Council Next Generation Bursary Award and Artist in the Community Scheme in 2017. Recent exhibitions and performances include: Live Collision, Project Arts Centre, Dublin (2018), Galway Fringe Festival, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (both 2017).

Martina O’Brien’s artistic practice investigates links between people, nature and technology. Her work stems from an interest in perceptions of time, the earth sciences, futurology, obsolescence, and divination. Realised through various media including moving image, drawing and installation, her work represents a cross-disciplinary attempt to create new forms of knowledge that can highlight and make sense of the changing world around us. Recent and upcoming projects include: The European Commission residency and exhibition, Milan (2019); Sirius Arts Centre residency, Cobh (2019); and a solo exhibition at the Butler Gallery, Kilkenny (2018).

The new artist members were awarded their studios by a selection panel, following an open submission application process which took place in October 2018. On this occasion, the selection panel for studio membership consisted of Catriona Leahy (TBG+S Studio and Board Member), Sibyl Montague (TBG+S Studio and Board Member) and Nicola Wright (Exhibitions Curator, Studio Voltaire, London).

Project Studios offer a one year tenure and are generally awarded to artists at an earlier point in their career. Each year, TBG+S provides excellent workspaces for thirty artists to work in Dublin city centre. The work made in the studios is often exhibited throughout the world. As well as studio space, TBG+S offers the artists professional development opportunities such as studio visits from international visiting curators and artists. TBG+S is delighted to welcome all five artists and looks forward to supporting them to make ambitious new work in 2019.

Image: Paul Hallahan, Studio 11 at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios.