Studio 6 Open: Drawing Class III: an arbitrary system that might turn you into a Republican

08 May 2017

Further Information

Drawing Class III is an exploration of perceiving, thinking, analysing and discussing as a group based on ideas of “art thinking” by Luis Camnitzer.

Monday 8 May 2017 | 7-8pm*
*Please note that participants should arrive at 6.30pm
Free admission, booking is essential.
Contact: to book your place.

“El cerebro es un órgano social que aprende haciendo cosas con otras personas”

(José Ramón Gamo)

Following Drawing Class I and Drawing Class II, Debora Ando invites you to the continuation of this series of independent events.

Drawing is the place where you deconstruct the world you see to form your own. It is a way of expressing one’s interaction with reality. It is a way to interpret the most current state of one's understanding of something.

The focus of Drawing Class III isn’t any technical method to obtain a finished drawing. It is an exploration of perceiving, thinking, analysing and discussing as a group based on ideas of "art thinking" by Luis Camnitzer. This platform will be presented to participants in the form of a text that is going to be read by Paul Stuart. There is no set aim or direction for this session to take.

The result will be the product of a challenge promoted by engagement and response, having the experience as an outcome in itself. Instead of trying to prove our mastery, we will be inquisitive students.

Places are limited. To participate in this event you should sign up in advance (please send your email and mobile number to

Debora Ando (b. 1977, Brazil) lives and works in Dublin. She got a BA in Fine Art with specialisation in Fine Print at Universidade de São Paulo and a MA in Visual Arts Practices, Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Her recent work stems from her teaching practice and is rooted in drawing, printmaking, interventions and site-specific installations. Exhibitions and projects include: Pas Moi. Toi., Cercle Rouge, Nantes; 25, The Atrium Cork City Hall and Bandon Engage Arts Festival; Impress Project/Impact 9, Hangzhou, China; Violação de Circuito Passivo, venues: Espaço Compasso, MissO’po, Galeria de Paris, Porto; 30 Points of Intervention, Rua das Flores, Porto.