Studio 6 Open: A Penny Spinning - 2. Erasure + Encounter

17 November 2014

An open reading group exploring conceptual and art writing, led by Sue Rainsford.

Monday 17th November | 6pm

The aim of this reading group is to explore conceptual and art writing while fostering dialogue between writers, artists and researchers. Open to the public, each session will be tailored with readings and questions to consider in advance of meeting, pursuing such topics as writing as artefact, critical intervention and inscription – both in themselves and in relation to the visual arts.

This session will address decomposition and deconstruction as a literary and visual tool, as well as the role of the palimpsest within art practice and the production of textual artefacts.

Relevant practitioners include: Mary Ruefle, Tom Phillips, Yedda Morrison

Questions to consider:

How might the book or novel come to function as an art object, or as a remnant of endeavour?
Is there such a thing as a ‘found poem’?
How does the nature of our exchange with the written word alter once it’s been rarefied?

For recommended reading, click here.

This event takes place as part of TBG+S’s Studio 6 Open Programme.