Studio 6 Open: A Penny Spinning - 1. Textuality & Inscriptive Procedures

20 October 2014

An open reading group exploring conceptual and art writing, lead by Sue Rainsford

Taking place in Studio 6 at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios as part of the Studio 6 Open programme, A Penny Spinning is an open reading group which aims to explore conceptual and art writing while fostering dialogue between writers, artists and researchers. Open to the public, each session will be tailored with readings and questions to consider in advance of meeting, pursuing such topics as writing as artefact, critical intervention and inscription – both in themselves and in relation to the visual arts.

The first session takes place on Monday, October 20th at 6pm. No Booking Necessary. Organised and lead by Sue Rainsford

Session 1:Textuality & Inscriptive Procedures:

This session will address the nature of inscription and the ontological status of writing, leading to a discussion of text employed as material medium within a visual arts context where it often produces a space we can enter into and negotiate.

Relevant practitioners include: Georges Perec, Mags Harnett, Byronie Reid, Moyra Davey

Questions to consider:

Can a process of inscription be differentiated from that of writing?
How is writing as gesture and medium employed by visual artists?
How might writing embody processes of memory and erosion?