Screening: Stephen Sutcliffe

05 March 2014

Screening of the work of Stephen Sutcliffe, in association with LUX
7pm, Wed 5th March, studio 6

Wednesday 5th March, 7pm in studio 6.

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In collaboration with the LUX/Temple Bar Critical Forum, TBG+S is pleased to host a special screening of the work of artist Stephen Sutcliffe, in studio 6 at 7pm on Wednesday 5 March 2014. The screening will be followed by a Q&A between the artist and Benjamin Cook, Director of LUX.

Glasgow based artist Stephen Sutcliffe (1968, Harrogate) creates film collages from an extensive archive of British television, film sound, broadcast images and spoken word recordings which he has been collecting since childhood. Often reflecting on aspects of British culture and identity, the results are melancholic, poetic and satirical amalgams which subtly tease out and critique ideas of class-consciousness and cultural authority. Through an extensive editing process Sutcliffe's works pitch sound against image to subvert predominant narratives, generating alternative readings through the juxtaposition and synchronization of visual and aural material.

For this presentation Sutcliffe will show his most recent work Outwork, commissioned for the Margaret Tait Award in 2013, alongside other recent works. Outwork was originally shown at the London Film Festival and is a filmic collage inspired by Erving Goffman's book

Frame Analysis. Also interrogating Jacques Derrida's work on margins, Outwork includes trailers from films by Fassbinder, Resnais and Pasolini alongside a title sequence featuring out-takes from Cannonball Run. Hand-drawn illustrations and cartoon imagery also feature as a further framing device.

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This screening is kindly supported by Glasgow Film Festival