Relatively Speaking: A guided walking tour across three city art galleries

15 December 2016

‘Relatively Speaking’, a guided walking tour, introduces the current exhibitions at Project Arts Centre, Gallery of Photography and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios on Thursday 15 December at 1pm.

Thursday 15 December 2016 | 1pm | Free Event
Meeting point: Project Arts Centre
Booking is essential. To book your free place click here.

Would you like an opportunity to introduce your friends and family to contemporary art? Relatively Speaking is the guided walking tour that takes place across three of Dublin's most well-known contemporary art galleries, Project Arts Centre, Gallery of Photography and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. The tours introduce their current exhibitions to those who might not be so familiar with contemporary art and offer an interesting insight into the work for those who are. The whole tour, contained within Temple Bar, will take about 60 minutes (approx.), with 15-20 minute tours taking place in each gallery.

Beginning at Project Arts Centre, you will be introduced to The Wild. Visitors will be guided to the next venue, Gallery of Photography, for the new exhibition Prix Pictet – Disorder. Finally, the tour will end at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, where you will be guided through the exhibition Exquisite Tempo Sector by Barbara Knezevic.

We'll meet on Thursday 15 December at 1pm at Project Arts Centre. Book a spot for your parents, friends, cousins, housemates and anyone who you think might like to learn more about the things you love.