Non Event Spectacular

15 January 2014

A sound work, a reading and a screening relating to the exhibition ‘Temple Bar Gallery + Studios are Dead’

Non-Event Spectacular
Wednesday 15 January 2014.
A sound work, a reading and a screening relating to the exhibition ‘Temple Bar Gallery + Studios are Dead’
From 5pm - 7.30pm in the gallery
Entry to all 3 events: €5

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As part of the exhibition ‘Temple Bar Gallery + Studios are Dead’, Non-Event Spectacular is a series of events expanding on the works within the show. The day includes a reading by Declan Long of Iain Sinclair’s new essay ‘An Immodest Proposal’, which was commissioned specially for the exhibition, alongside a rare showing of 'Asylum/The Final Commission' a film made by Sinclair with novelist and filmmaker Chris Petit, and the launch of a new sound work by Josh Tonsfeldt.

5pm: launch of Josh Tonsfeldt's new sound work to accompany his new series of photographic and text works in the exhibition. In creating new work for ‘Temple Bar Gallery + Studios Are Dead,’ Tonsfeldt asked Italian novelist Anna Giuba to travel to Dublin, sending her impressions to him as a text. This formed the basis of Tonsfledt’s work in the show, editing and pairing her impressions of a place he has never visited with his own corresponding images. The new sound work further explores his translation of her recorded experiences.

5.30pm: Reading by Declan Long from ‘An Immodest Proposal’ Iain Sinclair’s new essay specially commissioned by TBG+S for the exhibition.

6pm: Screening of ‘Asylum/ The Final Commission,’ directed by Iain Sinclair and Chris Petit, 2000.

In the 70 x 70 Programme, Sinclair describes the film as, “An attempt to live down to its secondary title, Asylum was another collaboration not-quite-resolved through a lengthy period in the editing suite (which was also where Chris Petit and Emma Matthews, the editor, lived at the time). The actual filming seemed to happen through a series of day excursions or field trips (Bastrop, Texas- Phoenix, Arizona). We visited Michael Moorcock, James Sallis, Ed Dorn. Marina Warner came out to Beckton Alp. The late David Seabrook popped up to Margate.

The fortunate aspect of the film- behind some throwaway references to cultural memory and digital meltdown- was in its pivitol position between commissioned documentary and the era of laptop tinkering and sampling. The more distressed the image, the greater the claims on authenticity. Those witnesses (the illuminati of the Reforgotten), with no visible sense that they understand what they are involved with, shine. The souped-up apocalypse of the storm at the Severn Bridge feels justified, with Dorn’s last Bristol reading playing away in the background.”

All are welcome. There is a small fee of €5 which covers all three events. Click here to book your place. Tea and coffee will be provided.


Declan Long is Co-Director (with Francis Halsall) of the MA Art in the Contemporary World, Dublin. He is a regular contributor to Artforum International, Source Photographic Review and Arena on RTE Radio 1. In 2013, he served as a member of the judging panel for the Turner Prize.

Iain Sinclair FRSL (born 11 June 1943) is a British writer and filmmaker. Much of his work is rooted in London, most recently within the influences ofpsychogeography. Sinclair was born in Cardiff, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He attended the Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London), and the London School of Film Technique (now the London Film School). His most noteable books include the non-fiction 'London Orbital'; in which he walks the entire length of the M25, 'Edge of the Orison', a psychogeographical reconstruction of the poet John Clare's walk from Dr Matthew Allen's private lunatic asylumin Epping Forest, to his home in Peterborough. 'Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire: A Confidential Report' is a examination of the borough of Hackney, in which Sinclair lives. 'Ghost Milk' is a critique of the preparations for the 2012 Summer Olympics and their effect on the city of London and residents of Hackney. Sinclair’s most recent book 'American Smoke' was published in November 2013.

Chris Petit is a British novelist and filmmaker. He has been surveying the city of London in his films and writing since the 1980s. During the 1970s he was Film Editor for Time Out and wrote for Melody Maker. He is the director of 'Radio On' (1979),'Flight to Berlin' (1984), 'Content' (2010), 'Negative Space' (2000), and 'Surveilance' (1983) among many others. Petit has collaborated extensively with Iain Sinclair on projects such as 'The Cardinal & The Corpse' (1992), 'The Falconer' (1997) and 'London Orbita'l (2000)

Josh Tonsfeldt lives in Brooklyn, New York, and was born in Independence, Missouri. He has recently had solo exhibitions at Simon Preston Gallery, New York, and VidalCuglietta, Brussels. His videos, installations, and photographs have also been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions. Recent exhibitions include "Mind is Outer Space", Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York, "Out of Memory", Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, "Long Instant, Short Hour", Thomas Duncan, Los Angeles, and "Desert Plains and Internet Memes", Art:Concept, Paris