Art Walk

26 January 2022, 2pm

Discover the vibrant contemporary art in Dublin’s Cultural Quarter.

Hosted by Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Art Walk is a free outdoor guided tour introducing contemporary art exhibitions in Temple Bar. Art Walk takes you inside Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and neighbouring galleries and studios including, Black Church Print Studio, Project Arts Centre and, the Gallery of Photography.

This month, join curator Michael Hill at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios for an introduction to our current exhibition, Tamsin Snow’s On Ice. Next door at The Library Project, curator Debi Paul, winner of Black Church Emerging Curator will introduce Living Balance and we will finish with a short walk to our offsite exhibition Deep time empaths for an introduction from the artist Barbara Knežević.

Enjoy an introduction to these exhibitions and organisations in a relaxed outdoor environment. The tour will be approximately 45 minutes and include a 10 minute walk. Afterwards you will be free to enjoy the afternoon, viewing these exhibitions at your own pace.

We'll meet on Wednesday 26 January 2022 at 2pm outside Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. Book a spot and be introduced to our vibrant contemporary arts organisations and community.

Tamsin Snow's exhibition On Ice at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is her first solo exhibition in Ireland. Snow’s work mirages everyday reality and science-fiction to align with the accelerated closeness and reliance of the body with technology. Manipulating visual language and streamlined aesthetics of the biotech, medical and financial industries to examine our daily interactions with familiar systems of circulation: bodily, viral, elemental, cultural, and economic. Snow’s preoccupation with transitional spaces includes multi-faith and autopsy rooms, airport terminals and cryogenics laboratories, each connected to the suspension of time.

Curated by Debi Paul, winner of Black Church Emerging Curator Award, Living Balance launches the celebration of Black Church Print Studio’s 40th Anniversary and their contribution to the Irish Arts Scene over the last 40 years. The artists and writers in Living Balance work with print in its widest definition. They look to the traditions of the process reaching to its earthed materials such as copper, stone and soil, weaving them along with their concepts. Caoimhe Dalton, Kate Fahey, Manchán Magan, Suzanne Walsh, and Hazel Egan‘s works investigate elements of ritual, pattern, voice, language and re-wilding.

Barbara Knežević’s large sculpture, Deep time empaths, uses the material language and colour palette of construction sites to create an empathetic and affective response to materials usually considered secondary, detritus, or junk. It appears as a makeshift animal-hybrid sculpture, an anthropomorphic creature occupying and reacting to its unique location. Barbara Knežević’s Deep time empaths at Chatham & King is curated by Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and supported by Hines.