Further Information

Tamsin Snow manipulates the visual language and streamlined aesthetics of the biotech, medical and financial industries to examine our daily interactions with familiar systems of circulation: bodily, viral, elemental, cultural, and economic.

Snow’s preoccupation with transitional spaces includes multi-faith and autopsy rooms, airport terminals and cryogenics laboratories, each connected to the suspension of time. The reinterpretation of the gallery as a waiting area with minimal conveniences is a composite of a public plaza and corporate lobby. Its seating, air-conditioning unit, personal banking machine, and information/entertainment screens, present a purgatorial environment that reflects the uncertainty around our tenuous gatherings, and the irregular passing of time.

Snow’s work mirages everyday reality and science-fiction to align with the accelerated closeness and reliance of the body with technology. It creates an alternate vision of the present moment in which tangible human experience and corporeal reality in all its messy physicality is replaced with the seductive commercial pull of artificial efficiency and advancement.

Tamsin Snow's exhibition in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios will be her first solo exhibition in Ireland. Her previous solo exhibitions include Like, Flesh, AtelierFrankfurt (2019), SpareFace, Block 336, London (2018), and three collaborative solo exhibitions with Sarah Tynan at Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin (2014-2015) and Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray (2017). Snow holds a Three-Year Studio Membership in TBG+S (2021-2024).