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Utilising the materials, aesthetics and principles of modernist architecture, Tamsin Snow, creates CGI films, sculptures and immersive installations that embody these values, as well as drawing from architecture of the spaces she is exhibiting in. Her CGI films are constructed from crowd-sourced 3D models of existing buildings (Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin) as well as those portrayed in cinema (2001: A Space Odyssey), resulting in an uncanny sensory experience as we are directed through strange yet familiar locations. As the stylistic elements of modernism and science fiction become increasingly co-opted by global industries, Snow also appropriates a corporate language to further distance and alienate the viewer within her fabricated reality. Snow’s continued interest in buildings and rooms that are designed to serve a specific function relates not only to art galleries but to autopsy rooms and her imagined representations of cryogenics laboratories, each suspending a precarious balance of pragmatism, spirituality and otherworldliness.

Tamsin Snow’s exhibition in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios will be her first solo exhibition in Ireland. Her previous solo exhibitions include Like, Flesh, AtelierFrankfurt (2019), SpareFace, Block 336, London (2018), and three collaborative solo exhibitions with Sarah Tynan at Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin (2014-2015) and Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray (2017).