Tamsin Snow On Ice

  • 16 December 2021 — 26 February 2022

Further Information

Tamsin Snow appropriates the visual language and streamlined aesthetics of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries to covertly entice viewers into her fabricated reality. On the cusp of an increasingly dystopian future, Snow’s form of superfiction mirrors present day interactions with medical processes. The science fiction motifs in her films and sculptures are eerily close to our emergent experiences of drive-thru virus testing centres, track and trace apps, and museums and stadiums recast as morgues and vaccine dispensaries. Previously, viewers have been propelled through Snow’s artificial labyrinths, but there is now a state of suspension that is indicative of our ‘new abnormal’. Snow’s work is not about, or responding to, the global pandemic but the ways in which technological advancement directs communication and movement when we are face to face with a threat of irreversible change.

Snow’s preoccupation with spaces that are designed for hygienic storage and examination spans art galleries, mortuaries and imagined representations of cryogenics laboratories, each possessing an attuned balance of pragmatism, spirituality and otherworldliness. Material and digital renderings of these unpopulated and preternaturally sterile interiors appear alluringly safe, aligning with a time when bodily interactions become inseparable from data collection and a reliance on technology. The corporeal reality in all its messy physicality has been deposed in favour of a seductive interconnection with artificial efficiency.

Tamsin Snow’s exhibition in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios will be her first solo exhibition in Ireland. Her previous solo exhibitions include Like, Flesh, AtelierFrankfurt (2019),
, Block 336, London (2018), and three collaborative solo exhibitions with Sarah Tynan at Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin (2014-2015) and Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray (2017).