Studio 6 Open: A Penny Spinning III - Conceptual Writing

15 December 2014

A Penny Spinning III - Conceptual Writing
Studio 6, 6pm

Monday 15th December 2014 | 6pm

Taking place in Studio 6 as part of our Studio 6 Open Programme, A Penny Spinning is a monthly reading group lead by Sue Rainsford. The aim of this reading group is to explore conceptual and art writing while fostering dialogue between writers, artists and researchers. Open to the public, each session is tailored with readings and questions to consider in advance of meeting, pursuing such topics as writing as artefact, critical intervention and inscription – both in themselves and in relation to the visual arts.

Conceptual writing is a ‘genre’ of writing often marked an by impulse toward hybrid and experimental practices.

This meeting will focus on Drift by Caroline Bergvall, a project incorporating performance, text, new media installation and collaborative methods.

Questions to consider:

How do such as terms as literarity and paratextuality function within a writing practice?
Is writing more evinced as an intellectual medium within a field such as conceptual writing?

Recommended Reading:

Books —

Drift by Caroline Bergvall

I’ll Drown My Book; Conceptual Writing by Women – Bergvall, Browne, Carmody & Place

Articles —

Links to these articles can be found here

Cherry Smyth reviews Drift – ArtMonthly Oct14

David Kaufmann reviews Caroline Bergvall’s Drift

Sophie Mayer reviews Drift – The F Word

A lengthy but very informative introduction to Bergvall’s work —

Linda Kinnahan interviews Caroline Bergvall