In partnership with RHA Gallery and The LAB Gallery

31 August, 7 September, 14 September, date in November TBC, 2019

Ages 18 – 25


After the success of the first Young Art Writers programme in 2018, which took place in partnership with the RHA gallery, we are delighted to announce the 2019 Young Art Writers Programme, with a new partner on board, The LAB Gallery. This year the programme will take place from 11am – 4pm over three Saturdays: 31 August (TBG+S), 7 September (RHA) and 14 September (The LAB), and culminate with a day in November during the 2019 Dublin Art Book Fair at TBG+S (date TBC).

The programme is designed for anyone age 18 – 25 who is interested in art and writing or who would like to be introduced to this area. No previous experience is necessary and all levels of writing ability are welcome.

The programme is devised to immerse the participants into thinking about writing in relation to the visual arts in a number of ways, in order to support the participants formulating their own writing practice. Each day will be located in each of the galleries, and will combine a workshop with events such as exhibition tours, studio visits, talks, and group discussions. Each day the group will explore a different aspect of writing and this creative process, including performance, collaboration, response, critiquing, exhibiting, and more.

Workshops will be facilitated by artists and writers Nathan O’Donnell (Paper Visual Art), Lisa Freeman, and Lily Cahill (winner of DCC/VAI Art Writing Award 2019). Participants will receive exhibition tours at the three galleries, visit artist Suzanne Walshe in her studio at Fire Station Artists’ Studios, attend a talk by writer Kevin Breathnach (Next Generation Artist 2018), and more. Participants will be encouraged to think about various possibilities of writing in and around art and to be open to engaging with new techniques, critical thinking, and more. The programme will be faciltiated by artist and writer, Molly May O'Leary.

Each day will end with a session led by Molly May O'Leary, to develop the output of the programme for Dublin Art Book Fair in November.

Please keep an eye on this page where the full programme schedule and details will be posted in the coming weeks. You can see details of the 2018 Young Art Writers Programme here.


  • Anyone age 18-25
  • No previous experience in the field of art or writing in necessary

To apply for this programme please download the application form here, complete, and email to by 1pm on Thursday 11th July.

Successful applicants will be notified by the 31st of July.

For further information or queries, please email

Molly May O’Leary is an artist who works with language and an early career arts administration professional. Her work uses visual and numerical cues to play with the boundaries of rationality. She is studying an MLitt in Art Writing in Glasgow School of Art as of September 2019. She is the founder of the art writing group Genquent Tongue, a peer-led educational space for writing within the visual arts. Recent publications of Molly’s include ‘Notes from an Invigilator’ which was commissioned by Temple Bar Gallery and Studios as a response to Ronan McCrea’s exhibition Efference Copy Mechanism and her book ‘Close’ which was sold in Dublin Art Book Fair 2018

Image: ‘Research, Autofiction and Speculative Art Writing (That is and isn’t Sci-Fi)’ workshop with Aidan Wall for the Young Art Writers Programme 2018