Temple Bar Gallery + Studios announces Finnish recipient of HIAP/TBG+S Residency Exchange 2018

18 June 2018

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is delighted to announce artist Emma Jääskeläinen as recipient of the 2018 HIAP/TBG+S Residency. Emma will spend a month working from a studio at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios.

Emma Jääskeläinen works mainly with sculpture and video. Her works portray personal memories and narratives in dialogue with the history and physicality of sculpture. Jääskeläinen is interested in different possibilities of sculpture moving from socially engaging and interactive works to objects of desire. She likes to imagine things and people in unexpected situations, like her grandma as a young girl stretching on a golden yoga mat. She is old but she was as young as the rest of us. Time is something you don't think about all the time but it doesn't seem to shrink. Lately Jääskeläinen has been interested in long and meditative processes like stone carving combined with lighter materials functioning as accessories, comical or performative gestures that mold abstract forms more figurative. Those "feminine touche's", as she calls them, break the illusion of forever that the stone sculpture might suggest. Jääskeläinen is currently working on a long-term project ”Moist dialogue” observing the properties and liveliness of stone. It seems to be an expedition, a performance about expertise of some sort. Heated stone sculpture's serve as skeletons for other material layers or useful cooking surfaces. The sound of a stone cracking can be both disappointing and magical. It's something you should write a love song about. How to cope with all these mixed emotions? What makes things living?

Temple Bar Gallery+ Studios and HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme) are now in their twelfth year of partnership. Since the partnership began in 2007, TBG+S and HIAP have supported a total of 21 artists and curators from Ireland and Finland to undertake new creative work in the cities of Dublin and Helsinki through the exchange programme. Now a well-established opportunity, the TBG+S and HIAP exchange fosters opportunities for Irish artists to gain experience, build networks internationally and engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue with the HIAP community. As part of this residency exchange artist Tamsin Snow is currently on residency at the HIAP residency facility at the Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland.

The TBG+S and HIAP International Residency Exchange is supported by Finnish Institute in London and the Arts Council of Ireland.

Emma Jääskeläinen (Born 1988 in Finland) lives in Espoo and works in Helsinki. She received her BA in the University of the Arts, Helsinki where she is finishing her MA. Jääskeläinen had her first solo show in the Helsinki Art Museum Gallery 2017. Her work has also been exhibited in group shows such as Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki; Hyvinkää Art Museum; Flow festival, Helsinki; De la Charge, Brussels; The First international festival of school of Arts and Design, Torino. Upcoming exhibitions in 2018: A solo show in Turku Old Town Hall Gallery and Artist's as duo's exhibition in Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki.