Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is delighted to announce four artists who have been awarded studio spaces at TBG+S for the first time. Project Studios have been awarded to Lynda Devenney, Ann Maria Healy, Liliane Puthod, Eimear Walshe.

The artists were awarded their studios by a selection panel, following an open submission application process which took place in October 2019. The artists begin their studio tenure between January and July 2020.

Lynda Devenney’s practice incorporates moving image, sculptural objects, sound and performance to explore the human body as an interface between space, objects and movement. Devenney questions the relationship of the object in the ‘real’ world (experienced through touch and action) and its image produced for the virtual space of the screen. Her objects - made from industrial tools repurposed to extend and engage the body - are activated through direction and choreography in situ and on camera. They propose to act as tools to communicate non-verbal, gestural, kinaesthetic engagement. She is currently in the final year of her PhD in Glasgow School of Art, where she is working towards her final exhibition of research in May 2020.

Ann Maria Healy’s practice incorporates video, sculpture and text. She is concerned with reoccurrence - the power of history and narrative to embed within the human psyche. She is drawn to narratives that are connected to place and object. Often acting in an absurd manner, her work seeks to employ mysticism as a device to reconsider our present moment. Healy is currently working toward two solo exhibitions for 2020. She is collaborating with artist Áine McBride towards a public event that arises out of a walking practice they have cultivated whilst in residency at Fire Station Artist Studios.

Eimear Walshe’s practice involves writing, performing, and making sculptures and videos. They are interested in how these particular forms interact through ideas such as writing as expanded field, sculpture as embodied performance, singing as pedagogy, academic study as social engagement. Their wide-ranging research is undertaken through the lens of queer theory and feminist epistemology. Eimear Walshe is currently working on a new video work, series of drawings, and essay, as part of the Platform Commissions for EVA International 2020, The Golden Vein, for which they are researching into the history of the Irish Land wars and Land Commission. They are also working towards a publication of critical and personal essays.

Liliane Puthod’s practice often takes the form of large-scale installations and sculptures. Her work is informed by research into ideas of mass-production and its perceived value in our globalised world. Often taking her immediate surroundings as a starting point for her creative work, she uses both handmade and industrialised materials. She draws on modes of display, the language of merchandising and is interested in examining the way forms can problematise the materials from which they are made. She is drawn to archaeology, contrasting contemporary mass-production with singularly produced repetitive objects, as a way to approach archaeological and commodified time. Her 2019 exhibition at Pallas Projects transformed the gallery into an atmospheric and fully immersive installation giving the experience of stepping into a concept store or an archaeological site. She is currently developing research projects looking into the meaning of the “made in” and the “made of” of objects through methodologies and languages belonging to archaeology, industrial production and retail.

Project Studios offer a one year tenure and are generally awarded to artists at an earlier point in their career. Each year, TBG+S provides excellent workspaces for over thirty artists to work in Dublin city centre. The work made in the studios is often exhibited throughout the world. As well as studio space, TBG+S offers the artists professional development opportunities such as studio visits from international visiting curators and artists. TBG+S is delighted to welcome all four artists and we look forward to supporting them to make ambitious new work in 2020.