Relatively Speaking

15 January 2020, 2pm - 3pm

Discover three city-centre arts organisations in the heart of Temple Bar.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Gallery of Photography and Project Arts Centre join together this month for a guided walking tour of their current exhibitions. Led by a team of friendly staff this is a great introduction to contemporary art in Ireland and a unique opportunity to gain insight into these exhibitions and organisations in a relaxed and friendly environment.

This tour will begin at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios with Tai Shani's exhibition Tragodía and Gerard Byrne's Useless. Visitors will then be guided to the Gallery of Photography for a tour of Pete Smyth's LOCAL and we will finish at the Project Arts Centre with Anna Daučíková's solo exhibition.

We'll meet on Wednesday 15 January at 2pm at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. Book a spot to get a great introduction to our vibrant contemporary arts organisations and community.