Join The Stove Network for an online talk exploring several of their diverse publishing projects.

The Stove Network is a community-led organisation operating from the high street of Dumfries, Scotland. They use creativity as a means of engaging local people to actively care for their town centre and create care'ful' spaces for creativity and community action. Text and writing are central to their activities.

Matt Baker is a co-founder of The Stove. He is a public artist of more than 25 years experience and his role as Orchestrator is to remain attuned to the overall direction of The Stove and its partnership with the local region whilst ensuring a culture of learning, empowerment and excellence driven by the collective values of The Stove.

Katie Anderson is an artist based in South West Scotland; interested in people, places, materials and collaborative practice. She is the Public Art Lead with The Stove, where among other things, she leads a signwriting collective in Dumfries.

Martin O'Neill is the Artistic Director of The Stove. As an artist and producer, he works with people to realise new projects, artworks and spaces, employing an eclectic range of styles and disciplines from theatre, graphic design, film, music, poetry and installation.

This event takes place as part of Dublin Art Book Fair 2022: A Caring Matter, sponsored by Henry J Lyons and supported by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature.