Summer School
People + Art + Temple Bar

06 — 08 July 2018, Friday - Saturday 11am - 6pm, Sunday 12pm - 5pm

Join us over 3 days of art activity. Take part in workshops, construct, design, sculpt and draw with interactive artworks. Leave your mark and display your work in the gallery. Meet artists and hang out with your friends and family.

We are very excited to announce that the main street-facing gallery at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios will host 3-days of drop-in activities that are open to all. Please see below for a schedule of our workshops and information on the ongoing activities and interactive artworks that you will find in the gallery.


Rayne Booth, Clare Breen, Felicity Clear, Janine Davidson with Black Church Print Studio, Stephen Dunne, Jane Fogarty, Alison Pilkington, Andreas Kindler von Knobloch, Tom Watt, Tanad Williams


Join our artist facilitators who will be in the gallery all weekend to introduce and support you to draw, construct, design and explore.

Artists Andreas Kindler von Knobloch and Tanad Williams invite participants to interact with two artworks, We Build a Framework (Kindler von Knobloch, 2017) and Forerunner (Tom Watt & Tanad Williams, 2017) to redesign and reform the gallery space. Comprising of Steel, Wood and Nuts & Bolts these artworks ask us to reconsider and learn about our built environment individually and in groups. Over the weekend the structures will be used to create a woven screen made from recycled fabrics.

Arch, Line, Light
Contribute to an ever evolving sculptural installation devised by artist Felicity Clear and inspired by architectural shapes and 3D line drawing.

Workshop Timetable:

7.30am - 9.30am | Breakfast Club with Clare Breen *Book here!*
Join us for a wake-up coffee and discussions about art over clay making.

1pm - 3pm | Drawing With Your Eyes Closed with Stephen Dunne
Fill the window of the gallery with drawings announcing our Summer School to Temple Bar.

4pm - 6pm | Exploring Printmaking with Black Church Print Studio artist Janine Davidson
Create a dry point etching and display it on the gallery wall.

12pm - 2pm | Metamorphic Blocks with Tanad Williams and Andreas Kindler von Knobloch
Join artists artists Tanad Williams and Andreas Kindler von Knobloch to create solid sculptural blocks, built up in layers using a variety of materials from ceramic to plaster.

3pm - 4pm | Animate your day with Rayne Booth
Take part in sequential art and comic book making workshop.

12pm - 2pm | Shadow Drawings with Felicity Clear
Create a collaborative wall drawing to complete the installation Arch, Line, Light.

2pm - 4pm | Sunday Painting with Alison Pilkington *Book here!*
Explore a variety of painting techniques and engage in discussions around painting. This workshop is for adults.

4pm - 5pm | Dublin Sketchers will meet to discuss and display their drawings created in the Temple Bar area.

For free. For everybody.
All welcome – individuals, families, friends.
No previous experience required.