Family Connections: Museum of Extraordinary Objects 3D Collage Workshop

26 January 2019, 3pm - 4pm

Further Information

Families of all ages are invited to join us to explore our exhibitions through making activities, creative exercises and personal responses.

This workshop for all ages will explore our current exhibition Inscriptions of an Immense Theatre by Ailbhe Ní Bhriain. Through group exercises, we will question the meaning of a museum and what we choose to collect. Together we will dream up new hybrid objects to keep under museum glass. Using drawing, collage and 3D modeling to bring these strange new things to life, we will then figure out the histories behind these things - why are these the things in our museum and not something else? What stories do they tell?

Sophie Behal is a visual artist working mainly in sculptural installation, which can include audio, text, photographic and performative elements. Her work is characterised by an attention to the inherent qualities of materials and their relationship to time. It strives to sit in a space between thinking, language, and making. Sophie recently completed an MA in Art + Research Collaboration through IADT, and has recently undertaken residencies in the Mustarinda, Northern Finland and the Impilinna residency in the Finnish archipelago.