Temple Bar Gallery + Studios presents work by Joe Hanly in the Atrium as part of Dublin Art Book Fair 2021: Manual.

Proposition Diptych and Tap are connected with the book TAP by Joe Hanly, with an accompanying text by Aidan Dunne. TAP is a 26 page artist book with full colour reproduction, made in advance of Hanly's forthcoming exhibition in the Complex, Dublin in March 2022.

The book TAP is available to purchase from our online shop here and on-site at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios during Dublin Art Book Fair 2021: Manual.

Joe Hanly is a founder member of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. His paintings and prints, essentially abstract, comprise a diverse array of unrelated, self-contained components, often representational, drawn from the everyday paraphernalia of living, dreaming, memories and encounters. He experiments with the fraught relationships of different materials paint, found objects, photographic images and the occasional three-dimensional form, testing the limitations for coherence and ambiguity.