Join artist Fanny Gicquel for a studio talk about her practice and the making of her upcoming exhibition breathing with heels, walking with eyes.

This intimate talk is for graduates, early career and emerging contemporary artists and curators and those returning to their practice, offering insight into the planning, research and processes leading up to this exhibition. During a one-month production residency at TBG+S, Gicquel hosts a conversation focussing on the process behind the work in her upcoming solo exhibition at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios.

Fanny Gicquel’s tactile and adaptive sculptural environments refer to intimate and natural forms. Their individual components are codependent on one another, providing hanging or resting points where groups of objects and materials correspond and perform. Her installations are accompanied by situations of choreographed activation, imagined by the artist and carefully, yet playfully, enacted by performers. Contact, rearrangement and interaction with elementally changing materials (such as paraffin, vapour, tinctures of liquid, and heat-sensitive paint) are some of the discrete movements and gestures used to activate Gicquel’s work. This process allows Gicquel to explore the touching-point between the animate and the inanimate, outlining a moving and transitory landscape. Language permeates her materiality, and its entangled forms aid diverse readings. Gicquel’s exhibition in TBG+S will expand on her ongoing research on care and intimacy, and practices of movement and relationship, not only between surfaces and space but between individuals.

Fanny Gicquel lives and works in Rennes, France and is the winner of Prix du Frac Bretagne - Art Norac 2023. This prize aims to support Bretagne-based artists at an international level, by partnering with an international organisation to realise a solo exhibition for the awarded artist. In 2023, Frac Bretagne is collaborating with Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. Fanny Gicquel’s exhibition is further supported by TBG+S through a production residency.