DABF19 Public Talk: The Bauhaus Effect on the Fundamentals of Window Display

25 November 2019, 6pm

Kerry Meakin will give a fascinating presentation looking at the correlation between the Deutscher Werkbund, the Schule Reimann in Berlin and the Bauhaus.

In the 1920s cross fertilisation in the fundamentals of window display occurred between all three German institutions. Modern art practices were disseminated by display professionals in Berlin and given a marketing rationale, which had a profound effect on the applied art of window display. These modern techniques affected not only German display but were spread internationally.


Kerry Meakin

Kerry Meakin is the Programme Chair of BA Visual Merchandising & Display at the Technological University Dublin School of Creative Arts, to which she brings over thirty years of industry practice. She is also a PhD Candidate at the Modern Interiors Research Centre at Kingston University, London. The working title of her research is ‘The Professionalisation of Window Display in the UK & Ireland, 1909-1959.’