DABF19 Workshop: Matières 1 - Monoprint

24 November 2019, 11.30am - 1.30pm

Join TBG+S studio artist Chloe Brenan to explore materials and their impressions through the haptic process of monoprinting.

Unlike other printmaking methods where the plate’s surface is etched or carved away, the surface’s depth is not altered. Instead, images are made on a flat surface and result in a single unique print. This workshop is inspired by the Matières class at the Bauhaus School - a preliminary course where students were asked to consider rudimentary materials such as bits of string, wire, wood and paper, tin foil, and mesh; and to, what ostensibly could be called, ‘play’ with these materials and become sensitive to the ways materials fold, ripple, feel, twist, and move.

This hands-on workshop encourages a broadened and experimental attitude towards image making while developing participant’s practical skills through print.