Join Programme Curator Michael Hill for a relaxed outdoor introduction to the exhibition Agitation Co-op and the work of Catriona Leahy. Following this, enjoy taking time to look at the exhibition and pick up your Collage Lucky Dip Art Pack created by Catriona Leahy.

The concept for Collage Lucky Dip is inspired in a small way by the large triptych Critical Zone: Bog Study I, II, III currently on show in the exhibition Agitation Co-op at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. In making these large format analogue prints, Catriona Leahy first constructed her own negatives measuring a mere 5 inches x 4 inches. Embracing an element of chance, she cuts, tears and sticks smaller negatives together along with bits of fabric and Sellotape to create alternative versions of the landscape. These are then enlarged and exposed directly onto photography paper to a scale of 1m x 1m 20cm.

Create you own collage triptych with the materials and instructions supplied in your Lucky Dip Bag. Take a snap of your triptych (or individual collages) with your phone and post on Instagram including the title of your work and the hashtags: #TBGandSSummerSchool #CollageLuckyDip Tag: @templebargalleryandstudios on Instagram or email to