Mike Duhan describes himself simply as a figurative sculptor. He sees his mission as being visually rather than intellectually based. He uses the unchanging naked human figure as metaphor for his take on the unchanging elements of the human condition. He does not seek to be contemporary; his work will not reflect current issues or document anything except his own vision of what it means to be human.

For Mike Duhan the work an artist does expresses who and what he or she is; not only that, the creative processes involved, both physical and mental, serve as exercises in self-exploration and discovery, helping one know oneself. His art, along with the meanings he weaves into it, should in its finality and totality, define who he is or was. On a worldwide level art has that same function namely to serve as a diagnostic tool, a civilizing stimulus and diary of mankind’s journey. Art defines us and helps us understand ourselves, our present and past. our connections to each other and to the world we live in. It allows us to speak to the peoples of the future, it helps to give us vision

Mike Duhan is currently investigating the visual impact of showing figures or fragments of figures under uv lighting conditions in a project titled "Under a dark light' hopefully this project will result in a public show at some later stage.