Michelle Malone’s multidisciplinary practice presents an autobiographical narrative of growing up in a variety of socioeconomically disadvantaged urban areas, mainly Oliver Bond Flats in Dublin’s inner city. Through installations comprised of sculptural objects, image-making, audio and text, she aims to bring forward discussions of class, taste, belonging, identity and community. Using pop culture iconography relating to childhood and adolescent memory, as well as family and peer storytelling, Michelle Malone presents materials that are specific to site/time and that intend to evidence ethnographic, phenomenological and experiential meaning. In addition to her interests in developing installations and a body of work that discusses class concerns she is also developing a practice of creative writing that supports her projects. Although the audio, text and sculpture parts of the installations can be experienced independently they exist to unfold a narrative that displays a material capital that converses both a personal and a collective Irish identity.

Michelle Malone graduated from Technological University Dublin with a first class honours BA in Fine Art. She was awarded the RDS Whyte’s Award 2020, Fire Station Artists' Studios Graduate Award 2020, Mont Kavanagh Graduate Award 2020, John Creagh Student of Excellence Award 2020. Michelle Malone self-organised a solo exhibition of her graduate installation titled Summer Project 1997 in The Complex, 2020.