Martina O’Brien’s interdisciplinary practice stems from an intrinsic interest in perceptions of time, the earth sciences, futurology and divination. Over the last number of years her work has frequently examined measurement technologies and data driven practices of quantification such as climate modelling and, as an extension of this, considered how ways of describing the world through computational structures affect the possibilities for our being, acting and thinking in the world. These concerns are further evident in current projects, where she looks to consider the methodology of voluntary weather data collection, governance surrounding natural disaster, and more recently, the exploration and quantification of previously unmapped deep-ocean.

Selected exhibitions and residences include Quotidian, Illuminations Gallery, Maynooth University, 2019; Datami, European Commission Science Hub, Joint Research Centre, Italy, 2019 & BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, 2019/2020; Tactical Magic, TULCA Festival of Visual Arts, 126 Artist-run Gallery, Galway, 2019; Artist in Residence, Monitoring Change in Submarine Coral Habitats Marine Expedition, North East Atlantic, in association with Parity Studios, UCD & The Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences, Dublin, 2019; Artist in Residence, The European Centre for Medium-Range Forecasting, UK, 2019 and At Some Distance in the Direction Indicated, The Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, 2018. Awards include an Arts Council of Ireland Visual Arts Bursary Award 2019; an Arts Council of Ireland Travel & Training Awards 2019 & 2017; a Creative Ireland Bursary Award 2018; Kildare County Council Arts Act Awards 2019, 2017 & 2016 & an Arts Council of Ireland Project Award 2017.