Lynda Devenney’s practice incorporates moving image, sculptural objects, sound and performance to explore the human body as an interface between space, objects and movement. As objects or things embody a vibrancy of their own and have agency in their behaviour, they cause actions and their effects have consequences. Through these actions and consequences, she questions the relations between the object, the action and the audience. These objects are defined by the limits of the body and how shape, form and weight relate to the narrative of how an individual navigates physical and digital space. As the body’s orientation towards the world is essentially temporal, the body gives a unique interface and experience of the world. The objects are experienced though haptic touch and action and are activated through direction and choreography live and for the camera.

Lynda Devenney has recently completed her PhD in the School of Fine Art at The Glasgow School of Art. She completed a Masters in Virtual Reality from National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2005. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions, her solo exhibitions, Paradoxical Properties in Dunamaise Arts Centre in 2018 and Concrete Consciousness in Ballina Arts Centre in November 2011. Other selected group exhibitions include Play Record Rewind in Engine Room Gallery, Belfast in 2015; Transference, Monster Truck Gallery & Broadstone Studios in 2011; Force Majeure in The Lab, 2009; Reading the city Ev+a, 2009 curated by Angelika Nollert and Yilmaz Dziewior in Limerick.