In the work by John Beattie he is drawn to cultural narratives and events which are re-interpreted and re-addressed in the process of his staged, still, and moving-image productions. Weather working with specific sites, artifacts, or people – the technical and aesthetic performance of the medium are as integral as with how the work finds its form through exhibition. When referencing cultural & historical narratives, how the work may speak to its present and temporal situatedness, is the dichotomy he places the viewer.

Originally from Co. Donegal and in born 1980, John Beattie has been based in Dublin as an artist since 2005. He has worked as a lecturer in Fine Art, a producer & director, and has worked for Fire Station Artists’ Studio since 2009. Solo exhibitions include: Reconstructing Mondrian, The Hugh Lane Museum, solo exhibition, Dublin, 2023; PERFORMING NGI.988, The LAB Gallery, in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Irish Art, the National Gallery of Ireland, 2016; An Artist, the Studio, and all the rest… The RHA, Dublin, 2012; The Artist Studio Series, exhibited nationally and internationally since 2010.

John Beattie has been awarded numerous residencies such as at the Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, 2020; the apexart Fellowship, New York, 2015; IMMA, Dublin, 2011; the RHA, Dublin, 2010; and Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Dublin, 2006-2009. His work and practice has received significant support from the Arts Council of Ireland through Project and Bursary Awards, the Donegal County Council Visual Art Grants, and the Arts Humanities Research Board Awards.