Joe Moran

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Joe Moran became interested in art at an early age and began sculpting in 1970. He began showing his work at exhibitions around this time. The first sculpture was a crucifix made while working on Turlough Hill Power Station. This was made of washers, pieces of steel and welding rods. The cross attracted great criticism and controversy when placed on the altar of the site church. Moran's work since this time has tended to be more abstract.He uses materials such as bronze, steel, wax, clay, stone and polystyrene.

Sculptures on site:

Birds in Hand, Ballyfermot Public Library
Reclining Figure, Petronova, Russia
Funeral (Painting) Quinte Arts Council, Toronto
Female Figure, OPW
Family Unit 1, Fairview Park, Dublin
Family Unit 2, Lorient, France
Children of Lir, Waterford Shopping Centre
Icarus, Dubin Airport
The Door, Ringsend, Dublin

Selected Exhibitions: Ireland

Project Arts Centre 1970
East Wall Festival of Art 1976
Arklow Sypmosium 1983
Sculpture Walk, Connolly Station 1988
Oireachtas Art Exhibition 1990
Finglas Arts Week 1990
Europe Colloquium on Culture and Disability 1991
Mansion House Dublin 1991
Ormeau Baths Gallery Belfast 1995
Iontas, Sligh National Art exhibition 1995
Bar Council, Church Street, Dublin 1995
Royal Hibernian Academy, Gallagher Gallery 1995
South Tipperary Arts Centre, 1997

Selected Exhibitions: International

Museum for modern Art, Jasmu, Hungary 1988
Middletown, Ohio, USA 1990
Petronova Exhibition, Russia 1992
Lorient Exhibition, France 1984,1990, 1991
Irish Canadian Exhibition, Montreal 1992
Quinte Arts Council Exhibition, Ontario, Canada 1994
Galerie Kunstcentrum Dialog, Ostend 1996
Gallery Shanghai 2003