Jesse Jones

  • Member (3 year)
  • 2012 - 2015

Born in Dublin in 1978, Jesse Jones's practice reflects and re-presents historical moments of collective resistance and dissent. In her films and videos she explores the gesture of the revolutionary action, and finds resonance in our current social and political landscape. Having recently completed a year-long fellowship in Location One New York, Jones's work takes many forms; from gallery based film and installation to large scale public events. She has collaborated with diverse groups; from opera singers and marching bands to activists, in a practice which aims to excavate the hidden meaning within our popular collective consciousness.
She has just completed a solo show in REDCAT Los Angeles, and a commission for Collective Gallery in the UK.
She has shown internationally at the 9th Instanbul Biennial and Nought to Sixty at the ICA. Her recent exhibitions include Artsonje centre Seoul in 2013.