Eleanor McCaughey’s work is an evolution of multi-faceted installations, including painting, sculpture, video and sound. There is an important focus on material properties, capturing an earth-bound quality to the work.

The work is developed with an interest in readings of religion and the function and structures of faith. Centering on the idea that faith offers the thought that one might be able to transcend the limitations of physical and how agents of faith act as a channel for petition.

Eleanor McCaughey often works in collaboration with artists to help create soundscapes for video works and space. The approach to collaboration and the making of physical environments is an answer to the translation of experience into sound, space and form.

Born in Dublin, Eleanor McCaughey studied at TU, Dublin. Selected exhibitions include Woman in the machine, Visual Carlow, 2021; What remains of this place?, online exhibition, 2020; Oddly Accurate Things, 126 Gallery, Galway, 2019; Vignettes, Richard Heller Gallery, LA USA, 2019 and Tulca, Syntonic State, Galway, 2018. Eleanor McCaughey is a recipient of the Arts Council, Visual Artist Bursary Award, 2020, the Fingal County Council, Artists Support Bursary, 2019 and the Irish Arts Council, Next Generation Award 2018.