Alice Rekab is a visual artist currently based in Dublin. Through investigations into mimetic, amateur, viral and regional methods of creative production she has developed a practice of film, performance and sculpture making. This practice forms part of an investigation into the possibilities, limits and possible exit points from the conventions of contemporary art. By exposing herself and her work to the contingencies of collaboration and specificities of place, her work seeks to catalyze its own innovation. Through the formation of relationships with other art-forms and practitioners working outside the orbit of the art world, she tests the capacity of her work to free itself from aesthetic and cultural enclosure and interrogate the origins of her own position through displacement and negotiation to produce new models of what art can be.

Alice recently completed a PhD with The Kingston School of Art in London. She holds a Masters Degree from Goldsmiths College and a BA in Fine Art and Art History from the National College of Art and Design Dublin (2009). Recent projects include: ‘The Integrated Relation’, Tate Liverpool; Liverpool Integrative Objects, Five Years Gallery, London and ‘Broken Diorama’ (an artist's broadcast for Diana Policarpo’s Heretics), QuantIca Radio, Lisbon; 'Breaking Emmets Block' (public art commission), Pearse Museum, Dublin; 'Exquisite Games with Bodies (A=0): finissage', MACAO, Milan; VC Ten, Conjuncture In-Film, Showroom Gallery, London; Affective Vectors, a Performance for The World is Almost Six Thousand Years Old at The Collection & Usher Gallery, Lincoln; 'Vector/Attractor', Return Gallery, at Goethe Institut Dublin; 'A Maguffin and Some Other Things', Project Art Centre, Dublin; 'Circling the Square', Gracelands, The Milk Market, Limerick City; 'Worlds Combine #1', EVA International, Limerick City, 'Units of Potential', The Lir Academy Dublin; 'This is Going to Take More Than One Night', The Model Niland Gallery, Sligo; 'Resonance1' (a commission for Resonance FM), Frieze Art Fair, London and 'Song for Europe',, Der Uferhallen, Berlin.