The Gallery at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is reopening!

06 May 2021

Hurray, the galleries are opening all over Ireland in May! Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is opening the gallery from Tuesday 11 May and we warmly welcome back our friends, artists, supporters, and all newcomers to our current exhibition Agitation Co-op.

This group exhibition brings together works by Michele Horrigan (IE), Catriona Leahy (IE), Laurie Robins (UK/US), Libita Sibungu (NM/UK), and is curated by Michael Hill, TBG+S Programme Curator. In this exhibition the four artists, working in film, sculpture, analogue photography and print, reflect on landscape and land, exploring the residue of heavy industrialisation as it impacts on environments and communities, leaving visible scars on terrains, strained further by demands of a global economy.

The reopening of galleries and museums marks a big moment for Irish society. The possibility to be physically with the art, lifts the spirit and brings a moment of ode to joy into our hearts. A more fulsome hurray, however, awaits the wider world emerging safely through all this. One thing, among many, which Covid 19 unveils is our connectivity to each other, and across time and across space.

We look forward very much to seeing you in our Gallery and hope you will enjoy your visit with us.