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Joe Hanly

Joe Hanly


Choreography 16 (Stump)  2012, Acrylic and Photomontage on Linen
100cm X 100cm

I am interested in ever changing interpretations of the aesthetic and especially one that sees an aesthetic as something essential and fundamental to everyone in their negotiation of the world and their social environment.  My current Paintings and Prints comprise a huge diversity of unrelated, self-contained images of objects, diagrams, ideas, symbols and anything at all that falls within a capacity for human reflection, photographed, sketched, scanned, googled and generally misappropriated from any and every source and period in history. These are randomly placed into abstract pieces in which the individual abstract devices are actually representational  but formally set in improbable relationships with each other to invite new readings from unanticipated associations.

Born in Dublin in 1952 Joe Hanly is a Painter and Printmaker who has exhibited extensively throughout Ireland since the early 1980s with solo exhibitions in such venuesas The Project Arts Centre, The Limerick City Gallery, The RHA, The Butler Gallery, The Model Arts Centre and also here at Temple Bar Gallery. Joe Hanly is a Lecturer in Fine Art  at the Dublin Institute of Technology and is a founding member of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios