Workshop: Wall painting with Austin Hearne

13 July 2023, 11am – 1pm

Explore the joy of painting with TBG+S Studio Artist Austin Hearne as he guides participants in the playful art of wall painting.

A fun (and slightly messy) painting session will use materials, paint effects and the scale traditionally seen in the painting and decorating industry. Echoing gaudy and sugary interior décor styles of the 80’s and 90’s, Hearne will explore methods like sponging, rag-rolling, dragging, and colour washing.

Participants are invited, with the guidance of the artist, to paint directly on to the Gallery walls, creating a communal and maximalist wall painting with hand-painted wallpaper and collage elements. The workshop will also include a short visit to the artist’s studio TBG+S, an opportunity to see how the artist uses these methods in his day-to-day practice.

This is an adult workshop, no experience is necessary, however old or protective clothing is recommended.

Austin Hearne’s visual art practice is rooted in photography, using this medium in a very experimental way to create performances, installations, films, music and mise-en-scéne. Playing with fact and fiction Hearne creates worlds, characters and scenarios to satirise, demonise and embellish. Alongside all this he brings in the stuff of the painting and decorating industry to make wallpapered interiors decorated with painted photographic objects and furniture.

This event is part of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios Summer School programme. Click here to explore more events.