The Virtual Lectures presents: A lecture by Ingrid Lyons

27 October 2023, 5:50pm

The Virtual Lectures presents a new lecture by Ingrid Lyons with guests Susan Hughes, Sinéad Kennedy, Kathy Tynan and Ilona McGuire.

The lecture is researched, created and delivered by Ingrid Lyons and takes the form of a studio (laptop) visit/tour.

The tour will take the form of a film that looks at different types of writing and response to visual art, it will reference extracts from published works of fiction and art writing concluding with introduction to the four artists whose work, when looked at together, allows for a deeper meditation on what it means to dedicate expressive energy towards the celebration of place. As the lecture/film concludes, it will make reference to four artists, Susan Hughes, Ilona McGuire, Kathy Tynan and Sinéad Kennedy.

This lecture considers the intersection between fiction writing, performance, art writing and curation as a means of exploring the dissemination of oral histories through storytelling and practices of cultural preservation. With its experimental form, this lecture seeks out common ground. It looks at how we return to, or conjure places that hold cultural significance for us.

The lecture and accompanying performances will run for approximately 1 hour.

The Virtual Lectures is a research project initiated and curated by artist Frank Wasser which seeks to examine, complicate and expand the form of the lecture within and outside the parameters of what constitutes as artistic research. Artists are commissioned to create a lecture which is shown online for a limited period at and accompanied by a live event.

The Virtual Lectures is supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, Project Award and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios.

Image description: A scan from Ingrid Lyon's notebook displays a mind map drawn in blue and black biro across two off-white lined pages. The central words of the mind map read 'CROOKED RIDGE AND CURVY GLEN'. To the left, there is a loose sketch of a mountain scape. There are other scribbles, doodles and drawings dispersed throughout the map.