Discover three city-centre arts organisations in the heart of Temple Bar.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Black Church Print Studio and Gallery of Photography join together this month for a guided walking tour. Led by a team of friendly staff, this is a great introduction to contemporary art in Ireland and a unique opportunity to gain insight into these exhibitions and organisations in a relaxed environment.

This tour will begin at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios with Turner Prize-winning artist Tai Shani's exhibition Tragodía and Useless by TBG+S artist Gerard Byrne. Visitors will then be guided on a behind-the-scenes tour of Black Church Print Studio, finishing at the Gallery of Photography with a tour of Catherine Leutenegger’s exhibition New Artificiality.

We'll meet on Thursday 13 February at 2pm at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. Book a spot and be introduced to our vibrant contemporary arts organisations and community.