Free Space: Poor Auld Anna Livia by Michelle Malone

22 — 26 February 2023

Michelle Malone’s Poor Auld Anna Livia will be on view in Studio 1, 22 — 26 February 2023

Poor Auld Anna Livia is a scene setting installation that tells the story of Michelle Malone’s lived experience with public sculpture in Dublin City. As a child Malone would pick statues noses, hang from structures, or decant fairy washing up liquid into a fountain, like in the case of the public artwork Anna Livia by Éamonn O'Doherty. With this work, Malone intends to disrupt the physical and imaginary boundaries that an artist may expect audiences to navigate through and instead invites the viewer to have an immersive experience.

Michelle Malone’s Poor Auld Anna Livia will be on view in Studio 1. Access through the double doors adjacent to the Gallery space and The Library Project.

Wed 22nd February 6-8 pm
Thurs 23rd February: 2-6 pm
Fri 24th February: 2-6 pm
Sat 25th February: 12-4 pm
Sun 26th February: 12-4 pm

Michelle Malone’s multidisciplinary practice presents an autobiographical narrative of growing up in a variety of socioeconomically disadvantaged urban areas in Dublin’s inner city. Through installations comprised of sculptural objects, image-making, audio and text, she aims to bring forward discussions of class, taste, belonging, identity and community. Using pop culture iconography relating to childhood and adolescent memory, as well as family and peer storytelling, Michelle Malone presents materials that are specific to site and time, intending to evidence ethnographic, phenomenological and experiential meaning.

Recent projects include O, to have a little house, The LAB Gallery (2022); Great Uncle Joe, Studio 16 TBG+S (2021); Summer Project 1997, The Complex (2020) and is the recipient of The Golden Fleece Award 2022.

Free Space at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios creates the opportunity for artists to access space in the city for peer learning, artist exchanges, project development and presentations.

This work was kindly supported by the Arts Council.