Fenrir - Galalith Soundwork

19 May — 02 July 2022

Fenrir sound work for 'Galalith' by composer Richy Carey and Lauren Gault.

Fenrir sound work for 'Galalith' by composer Richy Carey and Lauren Gault featuring; raven mimicking human voice, human mimicking beta wolf call, wolf-dog calls and responses, raven mimicking dog, misc. wolf-dog recordings (growls, snuffs,) cellos playing wolf tones, corvid wings fluttering. Processing: tape looping, time stretching, reversal, pitch shifting, varispeed, analog delay.

This work was a response to the solar powered sound technology employed in Japanese Monster Wolves (newly developed scarecrow type objects to deter wildlife from crops). These sounds however are invitational - sound, call's and frequencies which are produced by and appeal to the non-human. The sound work in the exhibition emerges intermittently, through a solar controlled tannoy speaker (the solar energy controlling the volume as light levels shifted across each day). Here, the piece is presented as one continuous track.

Lauren and Richy have worked together for over seven years, developing sounds which resonate with and permeate Lauren’s sculptural works, as well as devising public workshops, creating communal listening events, and audio works for individual listeners.

Richy is based on the Isle of Skye working out of èist sound, a sound studio with a focus on collaborative approaches to listening.http://www.richycarey.com/