Take time to explore Atoosa Pour Hosseini’s exhibition The Magic Circle through the act of experimenting with drawing in the Gallery.

Experiment with slow observational drawing in the Gallery before we open to the public. Echoing elements of the exhibition, we will look at how the artist brings together illusion and reality with ritual, magic and dream like environments. Taking inspiration from the artist’s use of light, analogue film and performance we will use props and filters to experiment with seeing and drawing. Beginning with a short introduction to the exhibition and some warm-up exercises, you will then be free to draw, and share if you wish.

The Drawing Sessions give time to see through the act of drawing with no intended outcomes, drawing out meaning, connection and ideas from the artworks. Inspired by the contrast of the busy fast-moving environment of the street outside in contrast to the calm slowed down experience of the exhibition space. These workshops expand on the gallery experience with an opportunity to take time to relax in mindful drawing in an inspiring environment.

The Magic Circle fuses illusion with reality through the media of film, video installation, sculpture, and performance. The exhibition includes a film of the same name which portrays a sorceress enacting rituals associated with conjuring and magic. Pour Hosseini works with 8mm and 16mm film as well as digital processes in moving image to explore layers of space and timelessness. The combination of these technical devices with rich symbolic archetypes creates a cinematic encounter of memory and perception.

Materials are supplied but you are free to bring your own. This is an adult workshop. No prior experience necessary.

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Event Location Information: This workshop will take place in the gallery. The gallery has an exhibition with some dimed lighting, projections and sound. There will be cushions and seating available for the session, enabling you to move around the artworks.

Image description: A collection of drawings and research images pinned and taped to the white wall of the artists studio.