Take time to explore Fanny Gicquel’s breathing with heels, walking with eyes through the act of experimenting with drawing in the gallery.

Join us before the gallery opens for time set aside to experiment with slow observational drawing in the gallery. Using drawing as a tool and process to actively engage with the exhibition, we will draw out meaning, understanding and ideas from the artwork . Beginning with a short introduction to the exhibition you will then be free to draw, and share as you wish.

‘Through the line and the loop, I focused my attention on movement, more precisely on walking. The exhibition is a landscape to walk in, made of line and loop’
Fanny Gicquel

Fanny Gicquel references the act of drawing in relation to movement through the research, concept and making of her exhibition breathing with heels, walking with eyes. Gicquel’s observations of hurried purposeful movement in the street outside the gallery prompted a response to slow down and move without intention of getting somewhere, evident in the exhibition. This and other elements of Gicquel’s work have inspired this drawing session.

Fanny Gicquel lives and works in Rennes, France. Her recent solo exhibitions include Hua International, Beijing (2022) and Berlin (2021); the left place the right space, Reims (2020); Passerelle Centre d’art Contemporain, Brest (2020); and Unworlding, Frieze, London (2021).

She is the winner of the Prix du Frac Bretagne – Art Norac. The prize aims to support Bretagne-based artists at an international level, by partnering with an international organisation to realise a solo exhibition for the awarded artist. This is Gicquel’s first solo exhibition in Ireland.