Exhibition Walk-Through of ‘Display Show’ with Gavin Wade and Celine Condorelli.

Friday 3rd July 2015 | 1pm

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios presents Display Show, curated by Gavin Wade and featuring work by Celine Condorelli, Andrew Lacon, Eilis McDonald, Flore Nove Josserand, Yelena Popova, Gavin Wade and Christopher Williams. After: (Herbert Bayer)(Frederick Kiesler)(Lina Bo Bardi)(Eileen Gray)(Adolf Krischanitz)(El Lissitzky)(Carlo Scarpa)(Franco Albini).

Art is not exhibited, art exhibits. Display Show initiates a set of artworks embedded with, and reliant upon, explicit conditions of display as a combination of functional attributes.

On Friday 3rd July at 1pm Curator Gavin Wade and Celine Condorelli will give a walk-through talk, introducing the work of each artist and discussing themes and ideas within the exhibition.This public event will be an opportunity to hear the curator and artist talk about the current exhibition Display Show at TBG+S.

For more information on the exhibition, please click here.

Supported by Arts Council England and British Council Artists’ international development fund.