DABF23 Talk: Grave Digging – A Conversation With BURIED ZINE

17 December 2023, 6pm

Join BURIED ZINE editor Patrick Moran in conversation with artist Mark Garry.

Following a BURIED ZINE showcase, in association with the Dublin Art Book Fair, join BURIED ZINE editor Patrick Moran in conversation artist Mark Garry.

Mark and Patrick will speak about the multidimensional characteristics of BURIED ZINE and how this entity acts as a publication, a responsive commissioning body and as an articulation of fandom. They will discuss BURIED ZINE origin and evolution, its thematics and writing styles, it’s implication of specific illustrative and typographic vernaculars and printing techniques.

BURIED interviews musicians from the global metal underground, including Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, and Columbia. This long-running project now runs to 8 volumes, including a compendium of the first decade of work.

BURIED ZINE is a demoniacal, cosmic terror, an atrophying shambling mess of paralyzed organs evacuating putridity. Bound in hardback cases and laid out like a Victorian Grimoire, each publication explores heavy metal music and commissions fiction, photography, illustration, video art, and Virtual Reality experiences in their most bleak and morbid forms.

Patrick Moran is a zine maker based in London, UK. As well as publishing Buried Zine, Patrick is a drummer for Demoniacal and Whitby Bay

Mark Garry is an artist, curator and occasional musician based in Ireland. His practice is multifaceted and incorporates a variety of media, mechanisms and material interests. These include drawing, film making, photography, sculpture, sonic sculpture, performance and collaborative music projects.

This event takes place as part of Dublin Art Book Fair 2023: Polyphonic, sponsored by Henry J Lyons and supported by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature.

Image description: BURIED Vol.7 is placed in a leafy autumnal graveyard amongst tree roots and upended gravestones. The book is black and its title reads 'BURIED' in white death metal font in all caps. The central image of the book is a gothic illustration in white of skulls and swords.