Explore loose leaf book binding methods using ephemera gathered from home or workplace with artist Chloe Brenan.

Take pause to consider the different kinds of paper and packaging that pass through your hands on a daily basis; letters that arrive at your doorstep, the newspaper you leaf through in morning, the card packaging that contains your cereal. Spend time noticing the patterns that line the interiors of envelopes, the yellowness of newsprint, peel back cardboard to reveal the corrugated ridges embedded inside.

Beginning with being attentive to material qualities, we will gather a range of ephemera and bind a selection together to create unique book forms. Materials will be provided but participants are encouraged to gather their own ephemera and bring along to workshop.

Chloe Brenan is an Irish artist from rural County Carlow who divides her time between Carlow and Dublin. Through a combination of moving image, photography, sound, print, installation and text she explores how forces are registered and measured - both experientially and materially - in human and non-human bodies, exploring the possibilities of different and expanded modes of sense making. Works often involve close and careful examinations of the poetic haptics of daily life, processes on the edge of perception that call into question boundaries between bodies, intimate spaces and the wider environment.

This event takes place as part of Dublin Art Book Fair 2022: A Caring Matter, sponsored by Henry J Lyons and supported by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature.