DABF19 Book Launch: Young Art Writers

24 November 2019, 5.30pm

Celebrate the launch of the Young Art Writers' 2019 publication and hear the contributors read and perform their work.

Ten participants with backgrounds in various disciplines, coming from Dublin, Limerick, Wicklow, Kildare, Galway, and Cork, were invited to take part in the programme.

The Young Art Writers programme, an initiative of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, RHA Gallery, and The LAB, is designed for anyone age 18 – 25 interested in art and writing, or who wished to be introduced to this area.

Over the three days, the participants were immersed in thinking about writing in relation to the visual arts in a number of ways, in order to support the formulation of their individual writing practices. They took part in *Text Dump*, a workshop with Nathan O’Donnell, visited artist Jenny Brady in her studio, engaged in Collaborative Language Making, a workshop with Lisa Freeman, attended a talk by Kevin Breathnach, took part in What we Talk about When we talk about art, a workshop with Lily Cahill, had a studio visit with Suzanne Walshe in Firestation Studios and a discussion session over the three days with Molly May O’Leary.

Encouraged to think about various possibilities of writing in and around art and being open to engage with new techniques, critical thinking, and more, each participant had two weeks to produce their own written piece, culminating in the production of this publication.