Join us for a special late opening for Culture Night 2023 with an introduction to the group exhibition Reflex Blue.

This exhibition brings together the individual practices of Lyndon Barrois Jr., Elisa Giardina Papa, and Léann Herlihy. All three artists use language and image-making to disrupt ways of understanding and communication that are supposedly universal. Each artist’s work explores the cultural impact of images and their relationship to storytelling and technology. Using formatting, modification, compositing and erasure, their work seizes instances of multiplicity and mystery.

The exhibition will be open 11am–9pm.

Between 4pm and 9pm, our friendly team will be on hand to give you a short introduction to the exhibition.

No booking required.

Image description: A crowd of people stand in a white gallery space with their backs towards the camera. They are peering into a darkened room where there is a large screen playing a projected film. The image on the screen is blurred suggesting movement, perhaps of a person. The floor is grey and there is a grey brown structural pillar visible to the right hand side of the crowd.