Artist Talk: Lisa Freeman in conversation with Michael Hill

17 May 2024, 5–6pm

Exhibiting artist Lisa Freeman and TBG+S Programme Curator Michael Hill will lead a walk through of her current solo exhibition Approx 1 Second of a Sweet Kiss at TBG+S.

Lisa Freeman joins Michael Hill for a walk through of her current exhibition, a new film installation, Approx 1 Second of a Sweet Kiss (2023-24). This event marks the final weekend of the exhibition, closing 19 May.

The work draws on natural light’s influence on psychological positivity, patterns and focus. The film follows the woman, the protagonist, as she makes her way through an unfamiliar city. During the course of a day, she meets several people with their own sets of expectations and forms of communication. The film uses elements of holiday suspense or ‘sunshine noir’ genres to convey psychological drama, but rather than the protagonist succumbing to a situation of horror or dread, her encounters are acts of kindness and openness from strangers in a place away from home. These gestures appear unnerving, even to the woman, as there is an expectation of hostility and confrontation in this urban landscape.

Lisa Freeman is an artist and filmmaker working across moving image, scripted performance, text and installation. Her work draws into question economic and power structures and explores how intimacy might be employed as a form of resistance. Recent exhibitions and screenings include Hook, Spill, Cry Your Eyes Out, as part of Súitú, aemi Touring Programme, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden (2023); Slipped, Fell and Smacked my Face off the Dance Floor, live site-specific performance, Naylor’s Cove, Bray Beach, with Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray (2022), Slipped, Fell…, video, aemi online (2022). She holds a Three-Year Studio Membership at TBG+S.

Approx 1 Second of a Sweet Kiss is commissioned by aemi and Sirius Art Centre, Cobh, and supported by Kildare County Council. The exhibition at TBG+S presents a deconstructed version of the film for an installation setting.

Event location Information: This event will take place in the street-facing Gallery. Our team will be present to welcome you to the space. Limited seating will be available. The gallery space is in open daylight and five tv screens of various sizes are in place around the gallery.

There will be photography without flash during the talk. An exit at the back of the gallery will lead a semi-accessible bathroom and the quiet space of the atrium if needed. For further information please contact or call 01 6710073.

Image description: Lisa Freeman sits beside a book shelf on a low black chair in her studio. She is facing the camera, leaning her head agains her closed right hand, her right elbow resting on her knee. She has long brown hair and a fringe and is wearing a navy pin-stripe blazer, black jeans, and khaki green boots. In the background, there are a number of photographic images pinned to the wall.