Exhibiting artist Lisa Freeman in conversation with Jaki Irvine to discuss her solo exhibition Approx 1 Second of a Sweet Kiss at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios.

In her new film, Approx 1 Second of a Sweet Kiss (2023-24), Lisa Freeman draws on natural light’s influence on psychological positivity, patterns and focus.

Lisa Freeman
is an artist and filmmaker working across moving image, scripted performance, text and installation. Her work draws into question economic and power structures and explores how intimacy might be employed as a form of resistance. Recent exhibitions and screenings include Hook, Spill, Cry Your Eyes Out, as part of Súitú, aemi Touring Programme, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden (2023); Slipped, Fell and Smacked my Face off the Dance Floor, live site-specific performance, Naylor’s Cove, Bray Beach, with Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray (2022); Slipped, Fell…, video, aemi online (2022). She holds a Three-Year Studio Membership at TBG+S.

Jaki Irvine writes, composes and creates video installations in which image and musical score overlap, coalesce and diverge. Contested histories, sonic bricolage, the built environment, and the peripheral or undervalued have all found their way into her deep-reaching, polyphonic works. Recent exhibitions and projects include Re_sett_ings (2022-23), commissioned by Complex Gallery, Dublin, developed in collaboration with Locky Morris. It was further developed for Void Gallery, Derry and re-configured and performed for Music Currents (both 2023). Ack Ro (2019-2020) performed as a live event at NCAD Gallery; Dublin was also conceived as a multi-channel installation with neon in Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (2020) and Frith Street Gallery, London (2021).

Approx 1 Second of a Sweet Kiss is commissioned by aemi and Sirius Art Centre, Cobh, and supported by Kildare County Council. The exhibition at TBG+S presents a deconstructed version of the film for an installation setting.

Event location Information: This event will take place in the street-facing Gallery. Our team will be present to welcome you to the exhibition prior to talk. Folding chairs will be set up from 4.30pm that may interrupt the intended viewing of exhibition. Chairs will be packed away promptly after talk to allow for a full viewing experience. The gallery space will be fully lit and 5 screens of various sizes will be in place that will play on mute throughout the talk.

There will be photography without flash during the talk. An exit at the back of the gallery will lead a semi-accessible bathroom and the quiet space of the atrium if needed. For further information please contact orla@templebargallery.com or call 01 6710073.

Image description: Two portraits side-by-side. On the left is a portrait of Lisa who is sitting in her studio, looking away from the camera to her left. She’s wearing a dark jacket. Her long brown hair is framing her face. Behind her is a desk and images of her work are positioned in a grid sequence on the wall. On the right is a portrait of Jaki who is sitting in her studio, looking directly at the camera. She has short curly hair which is swept over to the left. She wears a dark loose long-sleeved top. Behind her is a desk with a computer displaying graphic images.