Chloe Brenan’s practice steps between the languages of film, print, text, installation, and photography. She is concerned with the methods by which order, structure and meaning are extracted and constructed out of an infinitely vague and nebulous reality, and the strangeness of ascribing objective meaning to subjective experience. She is interested in the process and limitations of communication, and how it rarely moves in straight lines. Rather it gathers interferences along the way; it bends, refracts, quivers, dilates. Fluid and indeterminate states and subjects that evoke fragmented experiences in the receiver/reader are brought together in order to explore disassociation and embodiment. Meteorology has become a recurring concern, specifically how we experience and relate to atmospheric phenomena, itself characterised by contour-less indeterminacy, and how this experience is subsequently abstracted and warped in our attempts to communicate, represent and frame it.

Brenan has recently undertaken residencies at NUI Galway Centre for Astronomy and Galway Arts Centre as part of the Royal Astronomical Society’s bicentennial celebrations and The Guesthouse Project in Cork, and her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions including Galway Arts Centre and on site at NUIG Campus; as well as in print at I Never Read, Art Book Fair, Basel; Stockholm Art Book Fair, Sweden (all 2019).