Chloe Brenan’s work steps between the languages of moving image, sound, print, text, installation and photography. Her practice is concerned with the methods by which order, structure and meaning are extracted and constructed out of an infinitely vague and nebulous reality. She is interested in the process and limitations of communication, and how it rarely moves in straight lines. Rather it gathers interferences along the way; it bends, refracts, quivers, dilates. Fluid and indeterminate states and subjects that evoke fragmented experiences in the receiver/reader are brought together in order to explore disassociation and embodiment. She is interested in the points where signs fail and meaning collapses, bringing to the fore the tension between the actual and its referent, meaning and materiality, sentient human subjectivity and the non-sentience of the world. Her work positions meaning as both contingent and slippery, fluctuating within the material, environmental, and ephemeral situation of encounter.

Chloe Brenan is an artist from County Carlow based in Dublin. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally including Periphery Space, Wexford; Galway Arts Centre, Galway; The Library Project, Dublin; Catalyst Arts, Belfast; The Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Tallinn; as well as in print at Dublin Art Book Fair 2019; Tokyo Art Book Fair, Japan; and I Never Read Art Book Fair, Basel. Her work is included in the collections of Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo, Japan; New Zealand Audio Foundation, Zine and Art Book Collection, Auckland, New Zealand; and MoMA Library Artist Publication Collection, New York.